What Are Your Plans for Winter Break?

December 17, 2012

Finals are over and students are ready to enjoy their holiday from school. It’s always interesting to learn what the Menlo community will be up to during winter break. We asked students a variety of questions – What are your plans? How will you celebrate the holidays? Do you have any holiday traditions? What’s on your wish list? Here’s what we found:

“My plans are to go to Lake Tahoe for New Year. I go there a lot, but it will be my second time spending the holidays there. No New Year’s resolution yet!”
Dylan Crist, Junior


“Going back home! I am excited because the last time I was there was in May. I don’t have any special plans except for a Christmas Eve celebration.”
Stan Liu, Junior


“For the winter break I am going back to China! I am very excited to spend some time with my family.”
Chen Liu, Sophomore


“I will be going back home to Brazil and celebrating Christmas there. On my wish list this year is an iPad from my mom! And hopefully a pair of shoes!”
Tallita Rosa, Junior


“My family has a lot of Christmas traditions! One of them is that we cook food from all of the different cultures we come from – Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Chinese, and Traditional Southern food. We then set it up in our backyard and invite our whole neighborhood! Also, my dad every year finds a new dish and makes it for us.”
Shakila Caldwell, Freshman


“I’ll be going back home to Tracy. We just moved, so we’re still getting settled, but we’re going to get together and do what we do best: be a family! What is on my Christmas wish list? My driver’s license!”
Brandon Bell, Freshman



“Sleeping and watching TV! Unwinding! I will be back home in Mantica, a tiny town, and I will just hang out there in the Central Valley.”
Caroline Moreno, Freshman

“Hang out with family and friends, and go to church. Traditionally we go to my sister’s house for Christmas with the whole family, so that’s what I’ll be doing again this year.”
Andrea Mendez, Freshman

“My New Year’s Resolution is to actually do exercise! And then on New Year’s Eve we go to church and countdown together to the New Year!”
Brenda Rivera, Freshman


“My plans for Christmas: a lot of snowboarding at Mount Hood with my friends and spending quality time with my family.”
Jake Fohn, Sophomore


“During the winter break I will be working at Sports Authority back home in Seattle. I’ll possibly get some more tattoos and then I’m also going to Mexico with a friend. We are going to head to Tijuana, Los Cabos, and Guadalajara!”
Dominic Jackson, Sophomore


“Hanging out with family and friends in Sacramento!”
Anthony Bendana, Senior


“I will be going to Disneyland and will visit my friends that are still in school. On my Christmas wish list are a lot of clothes and money for gas – but clothes are more important!”
Jessica Magallon, Freshman


“Going to Hawaii, I think. I’ll be going by myself to visit a friend, who is actually a former Menlo student!”
Jan Dykstra, Professor of Humanities at Menlo


“I am going to Southern California – home! On Saturday I am headed to Disneyland! A Christmas tradition we have is just to get together as a family on Christmas Eve, then we open our presents together the next morning.”
Jose Chacon, Senior


“Going to New York to visit family. My mom is Ethiopian and my dad is German and we celebrate both Christmas and New Year. Other than my trip to New York, I don’t have any specific plans yet!”
Saron Leul, Freshman

“Going back to Saudi Arabia for Christmas. For New Year I plan to go to either Dubai or Geneva. I have friends in both places and went to school in Switzerland!”
Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Freshman


“I am going to Dubai and Saudi Arabia for winter break. I’m going with my older brother, who also goes to college in California – UC Davis.”
Manhal Elhein, Freshman


“I’m going back home to Tracy and will mainly be working at a real estate office there. My plans are just to hang out with my family for both Christmas and New Year!”
Victoria Piazza, Sophomore


“Just relaxing and spending time with my family at home in San Diego.”
Katherina LoCoco, Junior