Valedictorians on Choosing Menlo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(left to right) Menlo College 2011 Valedictorians Brittany Ladion-Lucero, Siya Dhawan, Robert Lewis, Ernest Abeytia

On May 7, each of the four Valedictorians who spoke at Commencement offered unique thoughts on why they were proud to have chosen Menlo College.

Brittany Ladion-Lucero told the audience about a life-changing experience she had while completing a classroom assignment. As a result of the assignment she realized, “I want to make a change.” Brittany quoted an Arabic saying, “We are the people who we've been waiting for.”

Siya Dhawan, an International Management graduate from New Delhi, India said, “…I had a dream of finding a place where new things happen every day, where people are hungry for knowledge and are passionately committed to respecting each other's differences.” Siya said that Menlo's small, intimate class settings, faculty support and an emphasis on diversity make it a special place.

Robert Lewis discussed the definition of perseverance and how it relates to Menlo students. “I wholeheartedly and truly believe that perseverance is found in every graduate sitting before me today.”

Ernest Abeytia, a 61-year old Professional Studies student applauded the faculty and staff. “If we can fuse our performance with our humanity, we can make a difference,” said Ernest. His advice to students was “Go out and find the biggest problem you can find and solve it. And when you finish that, find another one.”

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