The Great Ethics Case Race

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

If you had been wandering around campus the Wednesday before Spring Break (March 2), you might have bumped into groups of students scampering around, huddling at bizarre spots, taking photos of themselves and chatting away. Suspicious?

In fact, they were just rushing to win that $100 P.F. Chang's gift card during the Great Ethics Case Race.

The Rules

Organized by the Ethics in Action club, the Great Ethics Case Race introduced ethical dilemmas to Menlo students in a fun, practical, interactive manner. Participants were given a clue to a location on campus, where they would be challenged with an ethical question. Only when they had “defeated” that ethical problem would they be able to move on to the next location. The goal was to complete the challenge at the 12 available locations within one hour.

Participants fought hard for the alluring P.F. Chang's gift cards, but also for the 14 Starbucks gift cards available through the raffle – what more priceless presents for sleep-deprived coffee-addicted college students?!?

Ethics in Action Club Blossoms

Angelica “Gelli” Adelman, representative of the organizing club, was ecstatic at the success of the event. “We didn't do a whole lot last semester,” she recalled,” so [the Great Ethics Case Race] was the big event for this semester.”

However, don't expect the Ethics in Action club to subside yet. Following Spring break, the club has scheduled influential guest speakers to further motivate Menlo students: Dr. Thomas Plante, psychology professor and author of Do the Right Thing: Living Ethically in an Unethical World, and Marie Wilson, head of the Ethics Program at Symantec Corporation.

Join the participants in the virtual Great Ethics Case Race.