Students Work to Get Out the Vote

Students work on the Get Out the Vote project.

November 8, 2011

Over the weekend, students called registered voters in San Mateo County and encouraged them to participate in today’s elections, as part of a “Get Out the Vote” project launched by Melissa Michelson, Professor of Political Science, and Deborah McCabe, Associate Professor of Marketing.

Apart from encouraging people to vote, the project serves as research material for an article that Michelson and McCabe are writing for the Journal of Political Marketing, titled “Pushing too hard: the consequences of an extreme GOTV campaign”. The professors are exploring ways in which a “get out the vote” message can impact the intent to vote and actual voter behavior, by using different kinds of messaging for different groups of people. “We are trying to figure out ways to increase the voter turnout,” said McCabe.

Students participating in the project can choose to get paid for their work, receive extra credit for their Political Science and Marketing classes, or earn SERV hours. To learn more about today’s election, visit San Mateo County's official election website.