Students Engage in Scholarly Faculty Research

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science just published an article by Leslie Sekerka, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Menlo College and Director of Ethics in Action Research and Education Center. The article entitled, “The Role of Moral Values in Instigating Morally Responsible Decisions,” explores individual drive behind decisions to act with virtue when faced with an ethical challenge.

Dr. Sekerka received a grant from James Hervey Johnson Charitable Educational Trust to support her ethics research, and likes to include students in the process whenever possible. Business Ethics class member, Marilyn MacLellan was hired to assist Dr. Sekerka and her colleagues with this particular project.

“Marilyn did some data sorting and was a big help to the research team in our final round of analysis. She was acknowledged for her contribution in the publication,” said Dr. Sekerka. She went on to say that, “undergraduate students are terrific, adding real value to the research process. This type of scholarly engagement is also very important for students interested in going on to purse graduate studies.”