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Extended Stay and Late Stay Request

Housing & Residential Life recognizes students may have extenuating circumstances which require an extended/late stay at the end of a semester. While individual requests outside of normal occupancy dates are generally not approved, the Department of Residential Life will review each request.


Services including, but not limited to, regular custodial services, dining services, residence hall offices, and mail delivery may not be available during periods outside the contract period. Residents who have alternate departure dates should also be aware that work being done in the facilities may create temporary inconveniences. Residents permitted on campus during times outside of the contract period may not allow others who have not been previously authorized, including guests and roommate(s), to occupy residence hall space. Unapproved individuals will be asked to leave the building and may be billed for dates in residence. All policies and procedures are applicable during times outside of the regular contract period.


Students who are approved for individual extended/late stays (i.e. who are not endorsed by a faculty or staff member to participate in an authorized College-function) will be charged for the late stay period. The cost is $45/night. Charges are assessed on a per-night basis.

Spring 2018 Late Stay Request Process

The residence halls close for the Spring 2018 semester at noon on Friday, May 4 for non-graduating residents and at noon on Sunday, May 6 for graduating residents.

Note: Students that are spring residents until May that have confirmed summer assignments beginning on May 7 are permitted to request continuous stay until the halls open for the summer. Please do not use the form on this page. Instead, please contact Housing & Residential Life directly at reslife@menlo.edu.

Late Stay Reasons

For the following reasons, a request from a college staff or faculty member is necessary for Late Stay consideration. If you are requesting a Late Stay for one of these reasons, do not use the form on this page. Instead, please have the appropriate faculty or staff member email the request to reslife@menlo.edu unless otherwise noted below.

For the following reasons, please utilize the form on this page to make an individual request for Late Stay consideration. Charges are assessed on a per-night basis.

Please note that requests to stay late in order to watch a friend graduate are generally not approved.

Statement of Understanding

If you understand this information and would like to continue with your request, apply below:

Menlo College

Menlo College