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Housing & Residence Life

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2021-2022 Room and Board

The prices listed below represent the total room and board cost for one semester. Room and board includes the room, 19 meals a week at the dining hall (including $120.00 in flex dollars), shared laundry access at no additional charge, and access to Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet. Rooms include a bed, desk, desk chair, and a wardrobe or dresser for each occupant in the room. The room dimensions are also included; exact sizes vary by building.

Room TypeApproximate DimensionsCost
Standard Triple Occupancy Room12’6″ X 17′$6,500.00
Double Occupancy Room11′ X 12′$7,975.00
Large Double Occupancy Room12’6″ X 17′$8,250.00
Single Occupancy Room9′ X 12′$10,350.00

*Please anticipate up to two weeks from the date you submit your housing application to receive your room assignment. The 2021-2022 housing application is two parts, one in Google and one on MyMenlo. You will receive an immediate auto-email if the Office of Student Affairs has received your Google Form submission. Completing the second step in MyMenlo is crucial so that housing shows up accurately on your billing statement.

Who lives on campus?

All freshmen and sophomore students are required to live on campus. Only freshmen and sophomores are guaranteed on-campus housing; juniors, seniors, and transfer students are not guaranteed on-campus housing at Menlo College. Students who do not receive an on-campus housing assignment will be responsible for securing their housing off-campus on their own. At this time, Menlo College does not have any active partnerships with off-campus housing vendors.

Students can be exempted from living on campus if they meet the following criteria:

To be exempted from living on campus or to receive the housing deposit refund after moving off campus, please complete the Change of Housing Status Form and send to Student Affairs, the Business Office, and Financial Aid for approval. The Change of Housing Status Form provides the dates for each semester that a student can make changes to their housing contract or cancel their housing contract without incurring a fee.

Residence Hall Life

By living on campus, your out-of-the-classroom education is supplemented by many engagement opportunities within and outside of your residence hall. From Resident Assistant and Resident Fellow programming to Athletics games to Student Government Association events to joining a club or organization, there are few dull moments on campus.

You will learn from your roommates, your hallmates, and your friends across campus. You will have an opportunity to build your OWN community of support and learning that includes student-leaders, faculty, and staff members who reside in the residence halls. These dedicated staff will enrich your Menlo College experience and allow you to grow as an individual through enriching educational programming, exciting social activities, and opportunities to network. You will quickly learn that your on-campus room will be more than just a place to sleep!

As in any community, living with others carries responsibility and accountability. We ask you to partner with your roommates, hallmates, and Resident Assistants to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can sleep, study, and have fun. To help build this community starting with move-in, Menlo College employs eighteen Resident Assistants (RAs) in it’s five residence halls. Each student living on-campus has an RA on their floor; RAs are tasked with the following responsibilities:

RAs and Office of Student Affairs professional staff enforce all rules and regulations written in the Menlo College Student Handbook and the Housing Contract. Students are expected to adhere to residence hall policies established in the interest of maintaining an inclusive, respectful, and fun living atmosphere that creates a positive on-campus experience.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Through its non-discrimination policy, Menlo College affirms gender-inclusive housing as a safe living space for all of our students, particularly those who may identify as transgender or gender non-binary, who are questioning their gender identity, or who do not wish to prescribe to a particular gender classification.

All five residence halls are mixed gender, but depending on the suite or floor, may be single gender or all gender. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the following applies:

Disability Accommodations Request for Residence Halls

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Menlo College is committed to providing students with reasonable accommodation for well-documented disabilities. Individuals who are seeking special accommodations within the residence halls are encouraged to contact Vinita Subramani, Menlo College Disability Services Specialist, as soon as possible.

Pets are not allowed in the residence hall with the exception of a fish in a ten-gallon tank. If you are seeking an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), all requests should begin with the Disability Services Specialist. ESAs are governed by the Fair Housing Act; should you be approved for an ESA, the Office of Student Affairs will provide you with a supplemental contract to complete on behalf of your animal. 

Mail Service

Letters and packages can be picked up from the campus post office, attached to the Student Union and Dining Hall. Post office operating hours will be published at the beginning of each semester and break.

To deliver mail to campus, please use the following address:
[Your Name]
Menlo College
1000 El Camino Real
Atherton, CA 94027

Campus Security

Campus security is managed by the Office of Student Affairs; trained guards are on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are available via phone to assist with any concerns. Security guards make regular rounds of campus and provide additional support to the College, such as collaborating with the Atherton Police Department or monitoring security cameras.

Please call Security at 650-400-5837 in any of the following circumstances:

Security works collaboratively with the Office of Student Affairs and the Resident Assistant team. Anytime the Office of Student Affairs is closed, a Resident Assistant (RA) is available for support, such as to mediate a conflict on your hall or help you if you are concerned about the well-being of yourself or a friend. The RA on Duty phone number is 650-796-9544.

Electrical Appliances

To ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible and the room circuits are not overloaded, only the following appliances are permitted in the residence halls:

No extension cords should be used at any time because of the fire hazard they pose.

Each semester, RAs conduct health and safety checks of each residence hall room to ensure that no fire safety violations are present in the room. If a violation is found, the RA works with students on a case-by-case basis to help correct the issue.


All students who park a vehicle on campus (residential or commuter) are required to have a valid Menlo College parking permit. Non-valid vehicles risk being ticketed and/or towed during weekdays. Students can register for parking permits at the beginning of the year and pick up their permit at the campus post office.

Parking permits are free of charge to students.

Due to limited parking spaces on campus, on-campus residential freshmen students are not allowed to bring vehicles with them.

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