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The #OakSafe Pledge

To ensure the safety of our campus community, all students, faculty, and staff are required to sign the #OakSafe pledge before returning to campus.

Pledge to be #OakSafe

I choose to be here and I want us to be together. I want to be physically present in this small, intimate community at Menlo College. My health, and that of my community, are in my hands.

Knowing this, I understand that I must do my part and adhere to the Code of Conduct: I will learn, adopt, and promote safe behavior; I will provide updates about my health status; and I will support my friends, colleagues, and the whole Menlo community in staying healthy. 

I recognize this commitment requires sacrifice, deliberate thought and action, and a heartfelt intention to keep myself and everyone around me safe. I understand that it is only with my personal commitment, and those of my community too, that we can all be together. 

Together, we believe that we are better when we are together – learning together, competing together, and cooperating together. This pledge we all sign affirms our commitment to each other and these beliefs.

I take this pledge, and sign below, agreeing that I will do my part to keep myself and the Menlo College community #OakSafe.

Students, Faculty, and Staff must sign the pledge and code of conduct before coming to campus. Log in here.

Menlo College

Menlo College