Steve Westly Dines with Obama, Local CEOs

Menlo College invited Steve Westly, a venture capitalist, politician and green energy proponent, to speak at its Commencement ceremony two years ago because he is an expert on Silicon Valley business. It's no surprise that President Obama selected Westly to be among his distinguished guests at a recent dinner to discuss innovation and job creation.

“It was an honor,” said Westly, to meet with Obama and discuss issues of not only local but national importance. Other guests at the dinner included Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt—all familiar names in Silicon Valley.

“President Obama visited Silicon Valley because this region is a leader in technological innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Westly.

In fact, the Obama administration will visit Silicon Valley and seven other cities later this year for a series of roundtable discussions. These discussions are part of the Startup America initiative, the goal of which is to help entrepreneurs become successful and expand the U.S. job market, while strengthening America's position as a hub of global innovation.

Menlo College incorporates global perspectives and Silicon Valley insight to help our students find success as leaders and entrepreneurs when they graduate. If the amount of attention being given to this region is any indication, right now, there is no better place to study business.