Sport and Art – Olympian and Artist

Rink A. Babka '55 has been selected to join a new movement within the world Olympic exposures. Babka is one of twenty Olympians worldwide chosen to represent the “Art of the Olympians” (AOTO).

This AOTO movement is to promote and showcase art connecting to sport. To prove to the public and youth that art and sport do co-exist, AOTO reflects the ideals of Olympianism and the ancient warrior of Greek tradition of strong body, mind, and spirit.

Other elite athletes/artists involved are international representatives of Poland, Spain, Australia, Slovakia, Canada, Italy, Belgium, France, Latvia, Switzerland, England and America.

Babka, one of the legends of the discus event, medalist in the Rome 1960 games, past NCAA, AAU; American and world record holder, is also an artist. His oil paintings mainly convey the theme of American traditional culture and Rural Realism; he also has a few abstracts.

This AOTO movement is to encourage, by exposure, today's youth and tomorrow's Olympians, that commitment and hard work can equal excellence. The practice of self discipline can create elite athletes and skilled artists.

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