Spirited Audience Makes “Menlo More Menlo” at Presidential Inauguration for Richard A. Moran

After a processional led by the Members of the Prince Charles Pipe Band, local politicians, technology leaders, presidents of other colleges, and other dignitaries, the inauguration of the tenth president at Menlo College commenced. Faculty Senate President Melissa Michelson commented on the “optimism and collaboration between the Menlo College President and faculty.” Student Government President Haley Heryford added that “Menlo College is lucky to have him.” Chairman of the Board of Trustees Geir Ramleth called the new president a “special person and a leader.” With these accolades and more, Richard A. Moran was inaugurated.

President Moran said he was “humbled and honored,” and promised to fulfill his new duties “faithfully and to the best of his ability.” He confided that he set his sights on becoming a college president when he was eighteen years old; as a teenager, he purchased a book about college presidents at a library book swap for a quarter.  President Moran then displayed the book he has held on to all these years for the time when it would come in handy (although he acknowledged that as the book was published in 1917, it might not be all that useful today).

The president asked the audience to think of our small inclusive community as a place to “make Menlo more Menlo.” He rallied the community to work together and be proud. He said the campus should think of Menlo College as more than a hidden gem.  Menlo College should be held as a leader in Silicon Valley. He concluded that we should keep striving to make the College a better place.

Peter Moore, a video games executive spoke on the importance of resilience, one of the great lessons of life, and one that he stated is embodied by President Moran. His talk included a recitation of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.  The ceremony ended with a speech by Kerry Dolan who told tales about the billionaires she has met during her career as the editor of the Forbes Lists of Billionaires. After glowing speeches by Moore and Dolan, the ceremony concluded and the spirited crowd of guests stepped out of the massive tent into a delightful warm afternoon reception replete with bountiful toasts. A splendid time was had by all.