SCE Reappoints College President to Committee of Decommissioning Trust Funds

Atherton, Calif: The Southern California Edison Company (SCE) has announced that Menlo College President G. Timothy Haight has been reappointed to the Committee of Decommissioning Trust Funds for the California State Public Utilities Commission for a period of five years ending in 2013.

The Committee is responsible for investing the Trusts' assets which are accrued from nuclear decommissioning funds; directing and managing the Trusts, including the appointment of trustees and investment managers; and the execution of contracts and agreements.

Haight is charged with the task of evaluating the performance of the Committee's investors. “I've always enjoyed working with portfolio managers,” said Haight, adding that he looks for “patience, market discipline and an understanding of risk” when assessing the performance of managers.

Haight is currently filling a vacancy on the Committee due to the resignation of William E. B. Siart on March 10, 2006. Haight's current term will expire on May 23, 2008.

The Energy Division reviewed Haight's qualifications and professional background and found his capabilities and accomplishments impressive and relevant to the intended position. In an announcement, the Energy Division wrote, “Haight can be counted on to demonstrate independence, competence, and integrity while serving on the Committee. As a non-affiliate Committee member he will represent the ratepayers and the public, who are intended to be the ultimate beneficiaries of the Trusts.”

More information about President G. Timothy Haight's reappointment is available in the resolution on the California Public Utilities Commission Web site.