Rocking Tavern Night

Monday, November 8, 2010

Photo by Adrien de Sayve '11

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

Tavern Night is a refreshing blast of entertainment that marks the end of a long week. This week, three bands from PinUp Productions entertained the Menlo community.

It's barely 8:50pm but the Fireside lounge is already filled with orange amps, a massive drum kit and a wall of gigantic amps. Behind the microphones, the Boom Boom Stereo vocalists frown at the feedback, while Andrew “Andy Android” of 5606 is frantically working on the mixer.

It's another Tavern Night at Menlo College, but with three rocking bands instead of just one: Boom Boom Stereo, 5606 and Aught 7. They are all hand-picked members of PinUp Productions, a group of rock bands based in San Jose, CA.

The lineup this time is a rocking combination of alternatives, blast-out rock, and acoustic.

Eric “Venomiglia” of 5606 laughs, “Usually we do a full [rock] thing, but we're just gonna play acoustic tonight.” Why? “The wood inspires us,” he points to the interior of the Fireside Lounge.

How did Tavern Night get so awesome? “Because of Andrew [from 5606],” says Mat Jackson, Boom Boom Stereo lead guitarist. Andrew is friends with Adam Montez, Residential Life Coordinator, who invited him for a jam session at the tavern.

Being on the Menlo campus makes the band members nostalgic…the scantron, Subway past midnight, and 9am classes. “9am just don't exist for me anymore,” Andrew laughs.

The bands then goof around some more, but once the night settles in and the music starts blasting, their professional musician side kicks in. Their performance is truly mesmerizing.

If you missed the awesome lineup this week, remember, Tavern Night rages on every Thursday at 9pm.

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