Rick Edge: Menlo College Postmaster and San Juan Bautista Mayor

Rick Edge: Menlo College Postmaster and San Juan Bautista Mayor

When Menlo College Postmaster Rick Edge isn’t delivering mail to the Menlo community, he is serving as Mayor of San Juan Bautista, a city with a population of 1,900 in San Benito County, California. Edge’s service to San Juan Bautista stretches back almost 20 years, and included membership on the Planning Commission, as well as membership on the City Council.

San Juan Bautista is home to the largest of the California missions and the most visited by California’s fourth graders studying California history. Edge is also active on a committee to preserve the 200 year old Mission, which was used as a setting for Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” nearly 60 years ago. The preservation of the Mission San Juan Bautista is projected to cost $14 million.

Currently, San Juan Bautista is facing a drought with the rest of California, and has plans to build a fourth well. The town also was assisted by local American Indians: the LA Times recently reported “In a weekly rain dance at Mission San Juan Bautista, Native Americans encouraged everyone to join in a ceremony to break open the heavens and bring forth water.”

Edge said he is proud of his ability to “get council meetings to move along faster.” His advice for facilitating meetings is “Be quick and don’t get lost in repetition. Move from point to point.”

Water and fire are two of many issues that will come to Edge’s attention in his term as mayor. Whatever the issue is at hand, Edge will use the same stoic patience and experience he deploys at Menlo College to keep things moving at San Juan Bautista.