RA’s Share an Unbreakable Bond

Resident assistants are prime leaders in enriching dorm life. They help create and maintain a rich residential environment. RAs are well-trained and available to meet with students on educational and social matters and to confer on personal problems.

Carlos Rivas Cortez '13 is a new RA from Stockton, CA. He attended the 2010 LeaderShape Institute and has served in student government. “I love that I'm a role model on campus, I met everyone on Opening Day, I've developed my leadership skills so students will come to talk to about their problems. Also, there's free room and board! It's helping me develop my leadership skills for the real world.”

Carlos' best experience so far is bonding with all the RA's, Student Government, Union Managers and LeaderShapers throughout his training. “We just got really close. We all share a bond that can't be broken. A lot lies ahead for me this year, a lot of work, stress, and happiness. It will be a roller coaster of emotions but we only live once, right?”

Jonathan “J.D.” Ochoa '12 is from Elk Grove, CA, majoring in Finance. He loves the fast-paced RA culture. “There's never a dull moment in Student Affairs! Because I'm an upperclassman, students look to me and learn from my experiences to help them grow. I respect them, treat them as equals and I don't act like a superior person.”

J.D. is proud of how everyone came together. “We were really close, right from the start. We all meshed well together—good strong RA chemistry! One person's weakness is another's strength. Seeing that is really cool!”

For J.D., school, baseball, managing time wisely, balancing personal life with the RA life are all top priorities. “I'm getting into my major, Finance, and having the best junior year that I can.”