PSP Alumni Plan to Meet on July 12

PSP alums Lyn Brownfeld ’07, Ernie Abeytia ’11, and Lisa Gillim ’04

On Tuesday evening, June 14, PSP alums Ernie Abeytia ’11, Lyn Brownfeld ’07 and Lisa Gillim ’04 met with Tina Fairbairn, (Alumni and Community Relations) to discuss their career paths, PSP experiences, and networking with other PSP alums. 

Under the Menlo College Alumni Council (MCAC), the Office of External Relations will offer resources for a newly re-organized alumni volunteer base. Using social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook and an alumni email, the PSP affinity group can help alumni expand their career opportunities and support Menlo while enjoying some fun activities.

Lisa Gillim is excited about the idea of “PSP helping PSP,” and has committed her time and talents as an alumni volunteer to promote the idea that “graduates give back.” Ernie Abeytia, the most recent PSP valedictorian, voiced his interest in establishing better communication between alumni and the College. Using his newly earned marketing degree, he offered ideas on how communicate with his cohorts to establish a meaningful alumni relationship. Lyn Brownfield offered her talents in organization, emphasizing goals with objectives.

PSP Alumni Lynn Deutsch, Donald LaMure, Rocco Petrunti, and Vanessa Lynn Wong could not attend but they will continue their involvement with PSP alumni.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 12 from 7:30 – 8:30 pm, in the President’s Conference Room in the Administration Building.  All PSP alumni are cordially invited to attend.  Please RSVP, and offer suggestions to Tina Fairbairn, who also invites PSP alums to campus for lunch. Guests just may find themselves written up as a feature alumni profile for the web or in the Advantage class notes.  650-543-3937.