President Richard A. Moran Addresses Menlo College at OAKtoberFest

President Richard A. Moran Addresses Menlo College at OAKtoberFest

At an early morning breakfast on the Menlo College Quad, President Richard A. Moran welcomed the audience to the festivities at OAKtoberFest, a family and alumni weekend at Menlo College. He described the two-day event as “a celebration of all that is good at Menlo College.”

The president recalled that every day he hears from students and alumni about how “Menlo College changed my life.” Stories include experiences of “Menlo mergers” where couples meet, and revelations about meeting personal goals, and discovering limits. “I can see lives changing,” he said. “Menlo College changes lives.”

He praised the “world-class” faculty responsible for the College’s AACSB accreditation, and the internship program that augments the in-class academic programs. He recognized the efforts of the admissions department for generating the highest enrollment that Menlo College has ever had. He proudly added that the College has zero debt.

President Moran predicted that the College will grow in facilities and faculty. Plans for improving campus facilities include making more common areas, and otherwise improving the on-campus experience for the entire community.

As the “stewart of the college,” he vowed to ensure the 2027 centennial celebration of the founding of Menlo College will be a moment to celebrate all that has been achieved since 1927, as well as to celebrate the positioning of the institution to be even stronger when we celebrate the 200th anniversary in 2127.

He concluded with his expectation that each student and alumnus will be an ambassador. “Your major is minor,” he said, meaning that your choice of major does not have to dictate your career. “There is no path to a career. What matters is what you decide to do with your life. And don’t forget Menlo.”