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Potential on Fire

Potential on Fire acknowledges the Menlo College experience in which students are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity, whether that be a mentorship, workshop, class, network, job, internship, social event or more. Students are encouraged to become involved and are continuously supported to become the best version of themselves. They create a foundation which ensures they will flourish in the future- that’s Potential on Fire. 

At Menlo, we have an impressive rapport with success. With alumni working at major companies such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, thriving in the start-up world, and mastering the art of entrepreneurship, there is one common factor that helped lead them to success- the Menlo College experience. At Menlo, we strive to ignite the potential of our students, to set the foundation of their future careers. Tune into the following interviews and learn how Menlo set up these wonderful alumni for success. 

You too have the power to ignite your potential – Potential on Fire!

Menlo College

Menlo College