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John Pritzker ‘75

Founder · Investor · Hospitality Enthusiast

“[Carlos Lopez] taught me a lot about people and life and I got the benefit of that from a lot of faculty, so that’s what I got out of [Menlo], a very personal experience. You know you can go to a much larger school, and it has its pluses, but you’re not going to get that high in touch with faculty that you’ll get from Menlo.”

John Pritzker is the founder and CEO of Geolo Capital. As the son of Jay Pritzker, the co-founder of Hyatt, John knew he would work in the hospitality industry. After taking a gap year in the San Francisco Bay Area, he decided to attend Menlo College for his general education before attending the University of Denver. Although he only spent two years here, he developed crucial writing skills from the college’s literature classes and made many fond memories here with beloved faculty members including Señor Carlos Lopez. As an alumni he has had the honor of giving a commencement speech to Menlo graduates. Pritzker urges students to be ambitious and pragmatic in their careers, as well as to find a mentor who can guide them through challenges.

Menlo College

Menlo College