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Saeed Amidi ‘83

CEO · Startup Investor · Advisor

“Located in Menlo Park, Atherton holds almost 50-60% of Venture Capital money in America. And Atherton surrounds Menlo. So, I really think if someone would like to start a company like Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox, it’s really good to be close to this venture capital. When you talk about Menlo College, I think it’s a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs, technology entrepreneurs especially. This is why Silicon Valley has become the hot spot for start-ups in the world.”

Saeed Amidi was an Iranian international student at Menlo and a highly successful entrepreneur and investor. While still studying at Menlo, he was able to co-found the Amidi Group, which launched several packaging and water bottle manufacturing firms across the world. By the end of the century, Amidi transitioned his career into investments and in 2006, he founded Plug and Play, a start-up ecosystem that connects businesses and investors to new business ideas. Today, he is still in close contact with his college friends, many of whom he visits with across the world in Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and Norway. With friends from all over the world that he has met thanks to Menlo, he encourages students to develop their relationship-building skills, which he defines as the key to any business transaction.

Menlo College

Menlo College