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Victoria Schultz ‘14

Marketing Specialist · Behavior Analyst · Real Estate Promoter

“Go to the events, get involved, join Student Government, if you can’t do the actual team sports create a club sport, just anything, and just really also use those Alumni Events to network, cause that’s going to help you in the future. Most of my friends got their jobs because they met Menlo College Alumni, they can help you further yourself.”

Vicky Schultz made a family for herself with the Menlo Community. As an athlete pursuing soccer, she made unbreakable bonds with her coaches and teammates and thrived off the unique energy of a small college. Serving as the day student representative on the Student Government Association (SGA), Schultz was awarded SGA member of the year. In collaboration with Professor Mirar, she was also successful in forming the political advocacy group Lead Act and fostering a Human Rights class where she colectured fellow students. Although she was nervous about attending a smaller college, she admits that after attending Menlo, that feature only worked to her advantage. A summer internship at E2Open led to her first job out of college where she single handedly doubled and quadrupled their Facebook and Twitter following bases. Currently she works as a Marketing Specialist at Compass Real Estate helping over one hundred agents utilize social media, email, and digital advertisements to pursue their unique marketing strategies.

Menlo College

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