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Ngozi Harrison ’19

Data Scientist · Artist Developer · Partner Manager

“One of the benefits of being at Menlo is it’s such a small campus and you really get to know everyone. You get to make these amazing connections with people all over Silicon Valley and the world to be honest in different industries . . . it’s important to stay in contact with the people who want to see you succeed and who you want to succeed.”

Ngozi Harrison began his Menlo College journey at the age of sixteen, which doesn’t surprise many that know him, as maturity is one of his most striking features. Looking for interdisciplinary education, Ngozi found that Menlo allowed him to not only excel in mathematics and data but also art and business. It wasn’t enough to be innovative, he wanted to learn how to manage, market, and build an enterprise with his creations. As a junior, he was accepted into the Google Gold Program where he was able to combine his passions for photography and technology as a BOLD intern at YouTube. After such an invaluable experience he was offered a full-time position upon graduation, and Ngozi now drives impact and growth for creators at YouTube as a Strategic Partner Manager. He advises current Menlo students to remember and capitalize on what makes them unique. Hobbies, passions, and well-rounded experiences play a crucial role in the success and happiness of an individual’s work and personal life.

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