What Did You Do Over Winter Break?

January 11, 2012

The students are back, and Menlo College campus is alive again. Amid the flurry of activities this week, Menlo staff approached students with a question: “What was the most exciting thing you did over winter break?”

Q. What was the most exciting thing you did over winter break?

“I was wrestling the whole break. We got to go to the US Open in Texas. If you placed in the top 3 there, it qualifies for Olympic trials.”
Kalin Knignt, from Oceanside, California


“I spent time with my family. I hardly ever see any of them during school, because everybody works.”
Christian Abrego, from East Palo Alto, California


“I went home to be with my family, ate a lot of good food. I haven’t seen them for a year.”
XueXue Ma, from Yunnan, China


“I got together with a bunch of guys from the football team and played seven on seven. It was exciting to hang out, see the boys from the Bay Area.”
Brandon Boyd, from Palo Alto, California


“I went to Knotts Berry Farm in Anaheim. It was a lot of fun, I rode a lot of rides, and ate the famous chicken dinner.”
Lenny Romero, from Los Angeles, California


“The most exciting thing was being able to do nothing. Just relax and spend time with the family.”
Anthony Bernard, from Rohnert Park, California


“I went to Michigan to see my family. I also went to Raiders game.”
Lindsey Schultz, from Danville, California


“This winter break I worked at Domino’s Pizza. It’s a good experience. As far as going home, getting back with the family, I didn’t get a chance to do that.”
Giovanni Serrato, from Stockton, California


“I didn’t do much: hung out with old friends, went to a Christmas party and a New Year’s party.”
Dominic Jackson, from Seattle, WA


“Over the break I moved to Menlo. It’s my first semester here!”
Jewel Kaimi, from Las Vegas, Nevada