The BSU Hosts Motivational Speaker Glenn Pair

By Vicky Schultz

On Thursday, October 10, the Menlo College community welcomed motivational speaker Glenn Pair, who talked to students about pursuing greatness and making the most of their college experiences. Pair shared what it was like growing up in the streets of Washington, D.C., and how he made a pivotal decision to turn his life around by becoming an inspirational speaker for youths. Pair also founded a mentoring program, We Do It 4 the Hood, with the mission of teaching children healthy growth developmental skills and help lead them on a path towards success.

This was the second event hosted by the Black Student Union this semester and was open to the whole school, giving students the chance to come and hear a real life story and be inspired by Pair’s message and achievements.

“Instead of reading “impossible” he read it “I'm-possible”,” said Katrina Ford, the president of the Menlo College BSU and organizer of the event. “He spoke with passion and grabbed everyone's attention, people didn't take their eyes off him.”