The Best Living Experience

Students Speak to the Benefits of Living on the Menlo Campus
Students speak to the benefits of living on the Menlo Campus.

“A great experience and an opportunity to meet people from different countries, learn the language and understand traditions.”
~Pietro Cristofari

“I like how every building on campus takes less than a 3 minute walk.”
~Anthony Pitini

“My neighbors are super nice. RAs are wonderful.”
~Peiyao Shen

“I love how close I’ve gotten with my hall mates over the years.”
~Ashley Ayala

“Living on campus makes me feel more connected to the Menlo community. Plus, a two minute walk to class is not so bad.”
~Andres Camarillo

“Living on campus is convenient to get to class.”
~Andrew Hernandez

“Living on campus has allowed me to put my education and social life before having to worry about cooking or commuting.”
~Kai Moreno

“Living on campus means there is never nothing to do! My friends are down the hall and the campus provides many different activities. Pus you can get to classes in minutes!”
~Marissa DeOrona

“Living on campus is fun because you can walk out of your room at any time and find a fun event or people to hang out with! It’s also very convenient for classes and sports.”
~Mary Hall

“Living on campus opens so many opportunities for you because the school is strong on putting on events for students and you can really feel it.”
~Braxton Liddell

“My favorite part of living on campus is seeing all my peers and community members as soon as I open my door. I love immediately feeling like a part of the Menlo family.”
~Katie Lathrop

“My favorite part of living on campus is being able to be a part of the Menlo College community, a group of people all committed to bettering themselves and making an impact.”
~Garrett Spangler

“Living on campus has made me more involved in the community. Being close to my classrooms and professors has allowed me to get the most out of my education here.”
~Kyle Lubke

“Living on campus is the best decision I’ve made. I have met so many friends and they all live basically next door to me! Everything I need is within walking distance.”
~Marlana Pierson

“Living on campus was new to me last year because I was a transfer student. It has been fun living on campus.”
~Emma Aklilu