Tell the World Everywhere Where You Are

Menlo College’s new President Richard Moran tagged Menlo College’s New Student Orientation Day “a day full of emotions” in his first campus speech since his appointment as President of Menlo College.

His first instruction was for the audience to take out their cell phones, post a photograph “to tell the world everywhere where you are.”  The tent on Menlo’s quad echoed with the sounds of cell phones in action.

He admitted to “having made a career of giving advice,” which includes the following instructions for students:

  • Go to class (resist all other temptations)
  • Make friends (you’ll never be in a spot like Menlo College for meeting friends)
  • Call home (but not that much; this is your time to experience independence)
  • Use your time wisely (not playing hours of video games — don’t waste time!)
  • Make the most of your four years (feast on the fruits of knowledge!)

President Moran, a father of four children, then offered two essential tips for parents, to instill:

  • Intellectual curiosity in your student
  • Independence in your student (try not to text and email too much)

President Moran concluded with a promise to the class of 2018:  by the end of this first year, he will know each one of them.  And he looks forward to it.