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Menlo Advantage Magazine Summer 2019

Every spring, college graduates receive their diplomas and then make the enormous transition from campus life into the wide world. In the Summer 2019 issue of Menlo College magazine, our writers look at this psychological, social, and intellectual leap. We hope you enjoy their thoughts on this momentous journey. 

College life is exciting, exhausting, sometimes overwhelming, and often very gratifying. After all the late nights studying, the worries, the new friendships, failures, successes, and the unexpected joys, commencement finally arrives! You toss your mortarboard in the air—and you’re a graduate. Now what? Many Menlo College students have been offered good jobs and know exactly where they’re headed. Others are still trying to find their paths. Research shows that almost all of today’s graduates will change jobs several times during their careers. In this issue, we look at the best ways to prepare for graduation and how to make the most of classes, athletics, and internships. We ask seniors about their anxieties as they are about to step into the “real world” and we interview alumni to glean their wisdom on life beyond graduation. 

As we spoke to students, faculty, and alumni to develop this issue, one insight shone out from all the others, and that is to expect some failures and learn from them. Charles Duhigg, who researches business life for the New York Times and others, sums up the value of a somewhat bumpy road in “Wealthy, Successful, and Miserable,” saying, “It’s an important reminder that the smoothest life paths sometimes fail to teach us about what really brings us satisfaction day to day.” We wish all our graduates—and those who suddenly see their senior year coming—all the satisfactions that come from a richly lived, well-examined life. 

Pamela Gullard, Editor-in-Chief