Students Have Big Plans for the Holidays

Menlo College students will be on vacation for the next three weeks. Let's see how some of them are planning to spend the holiday.

There's Snow Better Place to Be

Tyler Wilson '13, Adri Martinez '12, and Anthony Bernard '13 hope to catch some snow this winter. Tyler will visit his family in Colorado and will try to make some time for skiing. There are some rock concerts he is going to attend as well. Adri will go home to Fresno, and she might visit the mountains. On Christmas night, she will go bowling with her friends. Anthony will probably go to Tahoe with his family and enjoy some snowboarding. After Christmas, he will assist his father, who works in produce distribution.

South for the Winter

Qiao '14 from China will spend some time in Los Angeles with his friend. He will visit Universal Studios while he is down there, and he's looking forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year shortly after returning to Menlo.

Jessica Mumford '14 will also travel to Los Angeles to see family and friends. Many of those friends were classmates in elementary school.

A Nor-Cal Kind of Holiday

Roberto Lazama '12 won't be traveling too far this year. He will spend the Winter break with family and friends in Redwood City.

Elizabeth Guzman '14 is headed to her family's home in Sonoma. They might go to Reno for some shopping as well.

J.D. Ochoa '12 will see his mother and father in Sacramento. His family has a tradition of reading “The Night before Christmas” every year.

To the Tropics and Beyond

While many students are spending their vacation in usually-sunny California, some will be traveling a bit farther this year. Pua Pinpherk '10 will travel to the Big Island of Hawai'i to spend Christmas on the beach with her family. She will go to her uncles house to watch the New Year fireworks. Greg O'Connor '13 will go to New Zealand to attend his uncle's wedding. He will also participate in a Tongan gift exchange called Fa'api at his church.

Where Will You Be?

Will you be thinking of Menlo while you're on vacation? Send us a post card from your holiday destination for inclusion in the Bowman Library Exhibit, “Wish You Were Here”.

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