Students Get Creative for the 2013 Innovation Challenge

By Vicky Schultz

The winners of this year’s Freshman Innovation Challenge were chosen last week in three categories: Greatest Value Created, Most Creative, and Best Presentation of Concept. Each year, students enrolled in the Management 101 classes are asked to create a product using a common, everyday object. After being split into teams, this year’s freshmen were given plastic spoons and combined their innovative skills to create their inventive products.

A panel of five judges comprising of members of the Menlo community assessed groups on the creativity and effectiveness of the team designs. Students were able to build on key business strengths as communication and cooperation, market analyzing skills, and learning how to create value – some main concepts found in the market based economy.

The winning entries will be on display in the Library through October 2013.

Congratulations to the Innovation Challenge Winners for 2013:

Most Creative:


Corey Inman, Raymond Roach & Kenneth Martey

Innovation Challenge 2013 winner. Most Creative: “Spoonicle”

Best Presentation of Concept:

“Spoon Petal Lamp”

Elias Hernandez, Stacey Parra, Nicole Gatrell, Duncan Inizan & Mathias Huber

Innovation Challenge 2013 winner. Best Presentation of Concept: “Spoon Petal Lamp”

Greatest Value:

“Spoon Pops”

Lainey Brown, Berny Platel, Nicholas Gordon & Kaya Johnson

Innovation Challenge 2013 winner. Greatest Value: “Spoon Pops”

Honorable Mention:

“Menlo Maracas”

Steele Escobedo, Jamie Nurenberg, Jessica Wheatcroft & Bianca Magpayo

Innovation Challenge 2013 winner. Honorable Mention: “Menlo Maracas”