“Spread the Love” Contest Winners Announced

“Spread the Love: Pay It Forward” contest winners: Cheyenne Lopez, Abdulaziz Alzouman, and Katrina Smith.

February 17, 2012

Winners of the “Spread the Love: Pay It Forward” contest, coordinated by the Ethics in Action Club, were announced on Wednesday, February 15. The judges felt that the top three contestants—Abdulaziz Alzouman, Cheyenne Lopez, and Katrina Smith—were on a par with each other, and decided to split the three hundred dollars prize fund evenly. The money will be forwarded to the students’ charities of choice.

“By encouraging people to do good deeds, you have a cycle of care that is exponential,” said Dr. Leslie Sekerka, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Menlo College and Director of the Ethics in Action Research and Education Center. “It goes out in networks. You network by doing a good deed for someone without expectation of return, but instead ask this person to also do a good deed for someone else.”

Participants had to do three good deeds and then describe what they did, and based on that evidence the judges decided who the winners would be. Some of the deeds included helping a student who was sick, helping a homeless person, resolving a dispute in the Cafeteria, and befriending of an elderly person. Even smallest deeds counted. As one of the winners, Cheyenne Lopez, said, “One simple gesture can really affect the world and make it a much more generous place.”