Softball Coach Lisle Brings His Social Media Flair to Menlo College

Softball Coach Lisle Brings His Social Media Flair to Menlo College

Head softball coach Matt Lisle understands that social media measures of engagement —likes, shares, favorites, views, clicks— are a valuable tool for marketing. He has utilized these statistics to build a brand for the Menlo College softball program in his first year as head coach.

Lisle’s self-made success contributes to his reputation as one of the premier social media gurus in the nation. His reach spans youth softball and baseball players to current major league baseball players.

When he started at Menlo College, he inherited the softball team’s Facebook page that initially consisted of just 500 followers. In a matter of months that number has grown to an impressive 3,000, and now functions as a way to display the program, its drills and exercises with fans and potential recruits across the globe.

A recent video shared by Lisle on the Facebook page garnered 189,000 views and reached nearly half a million people. The tremendous reach is comparable to the number of people who would view a TV commercial on ESPN, according to Lisle. The big difference? “A thirty second commercial on ESPN Sports Center would cost $20,000. I was able to ‘advertise’ Menlo softball to the same amount of people for free via Facebook. That’s the power of social media,” noted Lisle. “The amazing thing about social media is that once you get some momentum, it spreads like an incredible wildfire thanks to followers sharing.”

The response from fans, players, families, and followers of the program has been overwhelmingly positive. Coach Lisle looks to grow his following even further, and spread the excitement about the student-athletes who don the navy and white at Menlo College as his inaugural season at the helm quickly approaches.