Sodexo, Inc. – A Vital Partner

Sodexo, Inc. feeds hundreds of Menlo College students, faculty and staff most days throughout year. The company recently provided the College with a partnership report card, and this seems like an appropriate time to share what's new in the Dining Hall.

To-go containers are now available for visitors who don't have time to dine in. In an effort to reduce waste, Sodexo washes the reusable containers after they are returned to the dining hall. Students have responded positively to the new option, allowing them to enjoy the usual variety of organic, sustainably-produced foods at their convenience.

Sodexho has launched an awareness campaign to reduce food waste and protect the environment. The program is still in its infancy, but positive results are eagerly anticipated.

Management staff are available in the dining area throughout each meal service, prepared to offer recommendations and receive feedback.

Sodexo is consistently proactive in improving the dining experience for the Menlo College community.