Second Annual Autumn Open Mic Storytelling Event

Second Annual Autumn Open Mic Storytelling Event

By Marianne Neuwirth, PhD

On the evening of Sept. 15th, the storytellers, singers, sages and poets of the Menlo College community gathered in the Fireside Room to share personal tales of trial and triumph. Thirty students and three staff members attended the event, telling tales of travel, friendship, close calls, and brushes with death.

One participant shared the time she was ensnared in jellyfish tentacles, leaving her nearly unconscious with pain. Another recounted a story of sibling rivalry – of when she put Nair in her brother’s shampoo bottle, with the expected results. Others sang spectacular songs, read personal poems, and revealed heartbreak now healed through perspective. Listeners were engrossed, focused, moved and responsive throughout the evening.

The event was organized and facilitated by Marianne Neuwirth, PhD, Director of Oral Communication at Menlo College. This is the third Open Mic event coordinated by Dr. Neuwirth, and attendance has increased with each iteration. The intent of these gatherings is to provide a space where members of the Menlo community have an opportunity for creative self-expression in a receptive, non-judgmental forum.

Future Open Mics are planned for spring semester¬–all are welcome and encouraged to attend.