SBA Day Addresses Conscious Capitalism and Corporate Social Responsibility

By Vicky Schultz

The Menlo College community focused on a theme of Conscious Capitalism and Corporate Social Responsibility at SBA Day. Students attended presentations emphasizing marketing concepts, ethical decision-making, and health and wellness in the workplace, social governance, and sustainability.

The day began with keynote speaker Dr. Emmett Carson, CEO and President of Silicon Valley Community Foundation who spoke to students over breakfast in Menlo’s Dining Hall. Dr. Carson shared his experiences in the social sector, highlighting the importance of diversity, global reach, and the business proposition.

“The business of business is no longer just business,” underlined Carson, “Consumers care about the business proposition and as an employee you will be open to the possibility that your skill set will be valuable for more than just making a profit.” 

Dr. Carson’s speech was followed by six concurrent breakout sessions, including two-minute “elevator pitches” from freshman. The top five freshmen teams moved on to take part in the final competition held later in the afternoon.  Breakout sessions also featured speakers including VP of Environmental Affairs Ms. Stephanie Rico from Wells Fargo, senior attorney Victoria Stewart from Seagate Technology, Assistant Professor of Management Dr. Kathi Lovelace, as well as entrepreneurship presentations from seniors in Professor Ronald Kovas’s capstone course.

Following the breakout sessions students and faculty heard Nick Hofer, head of the West Coast sales team at Boston Private Bank and Trust Company, who shared his experiences in the workplace, giving students the opportunity to get an insight into a professional business career.

The day concluded with presentations from the five finalists of the mini business plan competition. This year’s first place winners were Get It, a mobile application designed to research sports information. The Get It team included Tom Havin, Ben Lackey, Nick Quejado, Eduardo Sanchez, and Max Wyzard. Second and third place respectively were Frosting and Go-Wich. Winners received cash prizes from the SBA Advisory Board.  

“This year’s SBA day was another fabulous success,” said President Jim Kelly. “Our many speakers were very engaging and interesting. We are especially proud of our students and their business knowledge and what they have accomplished.”

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