Roadtrip Nation Comes to Menlo

The green RV is a symbol of the Roadtrip Nation movement.

September 27, 2011

Roadtrip Nation—a movement that encourages students and recent graduates to go on a tour around the country and interview people they admire—will visit Menlo College tomorrow, September 28, as part of their 10th anniversary tour around the country. Menlo is one of only five schools in the Bay Area to host the tour this year.

The “roadies” and their famous green RV will be on campus from 10 am to 4 pm, in front of the Dining Commons. They will be available to talk to about their next tour, how to get involved with the Roadtrip Nation, and how to “define your own road in life.” Students, faculty and staff will also have an opportunity to sign the green RV, which Roadtrip Nation uses for its travels.

“We are excited to have Roadtrip Nation visit our campus once again,” said Mary Robins, Director of Career Services. “They encourage students to explore different options, to interview people who have interesting jobs to find out how they got there instead of just doing what they feel they're expected to do.”

In 2001, four recent college graduates started Roadtrip Nation by traveling across the country in an RV and meeting with Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers; Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks; and many others. More information about the Roadtrip Nation—including full episodes of the series that is being aired on PBS—can be found on their website, at