Real-Life Ethics with NFL Star Johnnie Johnson

By Vicky Schultz

On Wednesday, October 16 the Menlo College community was treated to an inspirational speech about real-life ethics from acclaimed executive coach and former NFL star Johnnie Johnson. Johnson, who played safety and cornerback in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks, spoke about the ethical dilemmas he faced throughout the many levels of his profession. Beginning his football career as a freshman at the University of Texas, Johnson learned the significance of a strong ethical foundation, emphasizing how values demonstrated by his mother led him to success. After his ten-season stretch in the NFL Johnson founded World Class Coaches, with aims of empowering individuals to reach their potential by teaching them a set of core values.

“If you successfully manage the ethical challenges in your life, you put yourself in a great position to achieve your personal and professional goals,” explained Johnson. “After spending time with students from Menlo College, I sense that each person not only understands the fundamentals of living an ethical life despite circumstances, but they are committed to practicing these essentials in everyday life.”

The event was the highlight of the Ethics in Action Speaker Series organized by the Ethics in Action Club. The club, advised by Professor Leslie Sekerka, Ph.D., features a series of speakers to promote ethical thinking in every-day life. 

“It was such a pleasure to host Mr. Johnson as our keynote speaker for the fall semester,” said Erin Bedell, President of the Ethics in Action Club. “To have someone like him, an advocate for ethical morale, was an honor.”