PSP Valedictorian Mathew Safford ‘16 Discusses MIS at Menlo College

PSP Valedictorian Mathew Safford ‘16 Discusses MIS at Menlo College

Mathew Safford is about to complete his B.S. degree at Menlo College in Business Management, with a concentration in Management Information Systems. He is the valedictorian of Menlo’s adult education class, known as the Professional Studies Program (PSP). The Menlo College PSP is an accelerated evening program that provides for one of the most accelerated option to obtain a college degree in the Bay Area. It’s designed for working adults returning to school to complete a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Safford is currently working full-time in the IT department at Intuit, in Mountain View. He previously worked at Brocade Communications, in San Jose.

Safford finds the field of information security to be particularly interesting and evolving. “I believe the importance of information security will continue to grow due to the increasingly interconnected world, the proliferation of mobile devices, and the increasing adoption of the IOT (internet of things),” said Safford.

“The thing that has impressed me most about Menlo has been the personal touch of the faculty and staff. They routinely go the extra mile to make you feel like your questions, concerns, and issues are truly important to them,” said Safford. “I have had nothing but positive experiences with the faculty and staff during my time here.”

His advice for Menlo students is to “hang in there and never give up on your goals and dreams. Although it may not seem like it at times, hard work and dedication really do pay off in the end.” He also advises, “don’t hesitate to reach out and utilize the tools available to you, such as Menlo’s writing center and the academic success center.”

He explained that trying to balance work, school, and family obligations is no easy task. The condensed PSP classes take focus and dedication in order to be successful. He said, “I feel incredibly fortunate that I was able to complete my schooling in a timely manner, without sacrificing the quality of the education. I found it incredibly valuable to get the mixture of perspectives from both the older, more established PSP students, and the traditional day students as well.

For me, the professors that make the most impact on me are the ones who are passionate and excited by the material they are teaching. The professor that sticks out the most in my mind in this regard is Dr. James Woolever. “I had him for two different classes, and both times you could really tell that not only did he deeply care about the material he was teaching, but he also was genuinely interested in the opinions and perspectives of his students with regards to the material being taught.”

Safford continued, “An especially memorable moment for me was finding out that I had been accepted to both the Beta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Chi honors societies. I was never the greatest student when I was growing up, so I feel extremely fortunate to be afforded another opportunity to prove what I’m capable of academically.”

Prior to Menlo College, Safford graduated with an A.S. in Computer Network Technology from Mission College in Santa Clara. He also has numerous professional certifications in the IT field.