Professor Publishes Paper on Public Policy toward Clean Energy

Derek Stimel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics at Menlo College, published a paper for Conservation Leadership Council, titled Public Policy toward Clean Energy in an Uncertain World. In his work, Stimel argued that clean energy innovation must be encouraged through a market dynamic and explored what went wrong with Solyndra and approaches that could be used to encourage clean energy innovation.

Stimel wrote:

Solyndra, the failed solar energy company, has become the emblem for inefficient and wasteful federal spending on environmental sustainability, and green technology in particular… I argue that the attempt to draw upon the venture capital industry in order to achieve the Administration’s policy objectives is a potentially fruitful approach. The problem for the Administration was in the implementation… The closer federal policy related to green technology gets to the market dynamic, the more efficient and effective it would be.

The paper is available on the CLC website: