Professor Predicts Super Bowl Winner

February 3, 2012

Ben Alamar, Assistant Professor of Sports Management at Menlo College and a well-known sports statistician, has predicted that the New York Giants will win the Super Bowl, with a final score of 28-27. Alamar’s prediction may come as a surprise to some people, since the New England Patriots are more generally favored to win.

“Patriots have a very good offense and a terrible defense,” said Alamar. “This is a unique situation because we don’t usually see teams with such bad defense making it to the Super Bowl.”

Alamar’s calculations are based on a statistical model that looks into various situations within a game. The model includes the concept of the game, not just results, and it is correct 68% of the time.

Alamar was featured on ABC7 News, where he talked about his model for predicting football results:

Professor has model for predicting Super Bowl winner