Professor Hosts TV Show

December 15, 2011

Roy Blitzer, Adjunct Professor of Business Management at Menlo College, will host a TV show on cable Channel 30 titled “Ask Dr. Business” tonight at 9 pm. The 30-minute program, which is broadcast on the third Thursday of every month, is a call-in show focused on how to make work life more satisfying.

“Job satisfaction involves matching your skills, interests, and values,” said Blitzer. “Hopefully my show will help you get clarity on all three.”

Blitzer, who is solely responsible for the content of the show, changes topics every six to seven months. The current series is titled “People in the World of Health and Fitness”, and has featured a nutritionist, personal trainer, and massage therapist. This week Blitzer has invited Ann Merlo, a yoga teacher, to his studio.

Watch the show online at