Peer Counselor Advises on De-stress Routine

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

Psychology major Joey Zundelevicius and Resident Assistant Greig O'Connor put on a relaxation session to help Menlo students cope with their stress.

“I'm probably the most stressed out person on campus,” says Kait Farthing, senior and Resident Assistant, tiredly. Slumped in an armchair, she points to her sunken eyes.

Kait is a prime example of the recent concern regarding rising stress levels in college students nationwide. Also, along with being both a Resident Assistant and a Dean's List recipient, Kait set herself a much heavier workload than the average student.

Menlo students, though, have an advantage. They receive plenty of help from the Peer Counselors program, led by Sharyn Moore, with 6 psychology major students participating. Not only do they provide one-on-one advice, the peer counselors also put on various events to help students manage their emotional wellbeing.

Joey Zundelevicius, senior and a Peer Counselor, specializes in the area of stress. She is also responsible for last week's de-stress event held in the Fireside Lounge. The event was a spin-off of a meditation session that she and Resident Assistant Greig O'Connor had previously organized.

A Great Turnout

The forerunner session was intended primarily for Michaels Hall. However, many students from other dorms showed up, their curiosity piqued by the relevance of the issue. Thus, Greg and Joey were inspired to organize another event, this time for the whole campus.

The de-stress session combined meditation, puzzle solving, picture coloring, and a stress test to help participants visualize their stress level.

Inspired by the success of this event, Joey is determined to organize another one this coming April. Menlo students, stay tuned!