Oaks Best Oaks in Alumni Volleyball Match

Nine Alumnae returned to Menlo College on September 17 to play in the 2010 Alumni Volleyball game. The participants included Sara Bungarz '07, Amy Castillo '07, Chelsea Fleher '08, Heather Griffen-Balzomo '03, Christa Hewett-Ohia '08, Jamie Pauley '10, Sarah Poole '10, Kari Shimomura '06, and Stephanie Williamson '10.

Alumnae attending the game included Betsy Braun-Kernaghan '87 (Hall of Famer), Delna Lancaster '90 (Hall of Fame), and Katie Pendley ‘10.

“The participation of the talented alumnae at this game is the reason why we have won 5 conference championships and made 2 national NAI tournament appearances,” said retired Women's Volleyball Alumni Coach, Bill Imwalle, who coached the team from 2000 to 2009. The Alumni coaches also included Dave Faz '05-'09 and Greg Lara '08-'09.

Current women's volleyball athletes beat the alumnae in five sets. The team included Stephanie Wertz, Amanda Sutter, Briana Moreno, Jessica Atthowe, Kaili Miyamoto, Lainey Gordon, Stephenie Monderine, Selina Bumb, Mia Ortiz, Shelby Goldman, Emelina Garcia, Katie Darneille.

“I always love alumni matches because it keeps the current team members connected with the building blocks of the program. With the strong history of the volleyball program I feel it's a great experience for our student-athletes to compete against some of the top players that have come through the Oaks volleyball team. They (alumni) pushed us really hard and I expected it but it was a great night for Menlo Volleyball,” said Head Volleyball Coach Daniel Rasay.