Menlo Works with GreenNote for Financial Aid

Menlo College is directing applicants to a Silicon Valley approach to student loans: social networking.

GreenNote, a Redwood City peer-to-peer lending platform, connects college hopefuls to a community of lenders who want to make higher education more accessible.

Applicants find the program attractive because they can choose to borrow money from a close friend or relative, and the fixed rate means fewer surprises when they need to repay the loan.

David Placey, Dean of Enrollment Management at Menlo College, said that GreenNote is “a great alternative for students,” adding that personal loans are especially appealing given the present lending climate.

For more information about how Menlo College is working with GreenNote, please contact Anne Heaton-Dunlap(mailto:Anne Heaton-Dunlap?subject=GreenNote), Menlo College Director of Financial Aid, at 650-543-3855.