Menlo Hosts the First Jenzabar Western Regional User Group Meeting

By Vicky Schultz

On October 11, 2013 Menlo College hosted the first ever Jenzabar Western Regional User Group (RUG). Jenzabar EX is the central administration system system used at Menlo to support the school’s basic internal business processes, connecting data from all departments into one location. Official Jenzabar RUG meetings take place annually to allow users to discuss uses and developments of the system, as well as any problems that they may have faced. Some RUG meetings draw attendees from multiple states.

The West RUG meeting at Menlo included more than 60 people from 7 different institutions in the Bay Area, as well as 3 representatives from Jenzabar. To give attendees the chance to discuss various topics including DataFlow, Custom Apps in JICS and Infomaker, a Project Speed Dating was set up where attendees rotated from table to table every 15 minutes to discuss the issues at hand.

The event also included a presentation from Jenzabar representatives about new features on upcoming releases, as well as a presentation from Allan Chen, Chief Information Officer at Menlo College.

“The Jenzabar Western Regional Users Group was a great success here at Menlo College,” said Chen. “Attendees from several different institutions provided a day of lively discussion and sharing of knowledge. We are confident that all participants will benefit in the near future and long-term, and that many lasting relationships have been formed.”