Menlo College’s New Look

Menlo College new logo 2015

Google has garnered lots of press for its new logo, which sports a new sans serif typeface. Well, Google is not the only Silicon Valley establishment whose look is evolving. Menlo College is changing to a new font too!

In typography, a sans typeface is one that does not have the small projecting features called “serifs” at the end of strokes. Sans serif fonts have become a solution for display of text on computer screens, partly to avoid a problem known as interline twitter that makes an image appear like it is flickering on the screen.

We decided to make the change because our logo is now seen across many different platforms, apps and devices. A sans serif font holds up in clarity and legibility going from large to small applications. It is popular for advertising use as well as online use, when printed very large or very small.

We’re keeping the traditional Menlo College seal that is tied to our 88-year legacy, but at the same time, we’re changing the font used for the spelling of the name of the college. The new font is called Myriad Pro Condensed.

Designed by Robert Slimbach & Carol Twombly, and used by Apple, Myriad’s clean open shapes make it an excellent choice for typography that is comfortable to read.

You’ll find Myriad Pro Condensed on the cover of the Menlo College Advantage Magazine and on lamp post banners throughout the campus. The wordmark reinforces our identity. We’re looking contemporary, and we’re changing up!