Menlo College Tapped and Unplugged – Get Caught Green Handed! Competes in Nationwide Energy and Water Conservation Effort

Students at Menlo College are leading a campus-wide effort to reduce energy and water use on campus. As part of Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN), Menlo College is one of 150 colleges nationwide that will take part in the competition, now in its 5th year. The competition will run from April 3-24, 2015, with a variety of initiatives planned by students to increase awareness of conservation, and to encourage campus-wide behavioral change.

From noon to 2:00 PM on April 6 and 7, 2015, Menlo College students will take the pledge to take part in the local initiative entitled “Menlo College, Tapped and Unplugged – Get Caught Green Handed!” Students will pledge to take specific actions to conserve on a personal level, and with an aggressive social media campaign, the pledges will be used in an Instagram challenge to encourage other students, faculty, and staff to join the conservation movement.

Menlo College freshman, Hunter Dupee is leading the competition marketing efforts. Dupee says “as Menlo is a small, tight-knit campus, engaging students to change their behavior and focus on conservation has been easy. Our students are excited to be part of a nationwide effort and look forward to being part of the competition in years to come.”

In addition to the pledge days, the student-led initiative will include the temporary installation of a carbon model that will give a visual representation of how energy usage can reduce carbon emissions, a “glow in the dark” tavern night, and candlelight dinners in the cafeteria. The efforts will culminate on April 18 with a Conservation Carnival. The Carnival will kick off at 2 PM, and will include booths with community businesses and organizations that represent sustainable practice. In addition, on-campus organizations will host competitions, an outdoor dinner will be served, and a concert will follow. The community is encouraged to attend.

Through a generous donation by California Water Service, Menlo College will be installing low-flow showerheads in all campus facilities, aerators on all campus faucets, and all students, faculty, and staff will receive tips on how to conserve. These efforts will be the force behind meeting the goal of reducing energy and water at Menlo College. “This conservation effort is the first step in creating a campus culture around sustainability, and engaging students in life-long positive behavior that has true impact in our community. Students are learning firsthand both the environmental benefits and business case for sustainability,” said Menlo College President Richard Moran.