Menlo College Student Editor Taylor Morrow ’16 Above the Fold

Menlo College Student Editor Taylor Morrow ’16 Above the Fold

Taylor Morrow ’16, a Menlo College Marketing Communications major from Ripon, California, attributes her interest in writing to the influence of her mom, a former high school English teacher. She credits Mary Robins, former director of career services at Menlo College who coached her on writing for business.

“Taylor took my class, Career Management in the Workplace, which involved assessments, papers, and lots of reflection,” said Robins. “It was clear from the start that she was a very talented writer, and through the assessments and reflections, writing was something she loved doing. I helped her see and believe that many companies need good writers. It’s fantastic to see that she pursued it. She now has a great portfolio of writing that she can share with future employers!”

After taking Robins’ career services class, Taylor met Elizabeth Lawton Kuriakose, a tutor in Menlo’s Writing Center. Kuriakose pointed to her own college newspaper experience as something that opened doors to career opportunities.

Menlo College first launched a student newspaper a year after its founding in 1927. Influenced by her mom, Robins and Kuriakose, Taylor decided to revive the Menlo student online newspaper. In short order, she started a Journalism Club, organized the structure of the newspaper, found writers, and named the publication Menlo Oak Press.

Her newspaper production team included sports editor Brian Brownfield, entertainment editor Samantha Newman, student life editor Maya Mogensen, and current events editor Seren Mohn. Taylor attributes her team building skills to her four year soccer career at Menlo College.

The bi-weekly publication of Menlo Oak Press has an elaborate production schedule of speculative articles edited at the Writing Center, article assignment to editors, and additional proofs before Journalism Club supervisor Erik Bakke posts them to the publication site.

For her first career move following her upcoming graduation, Taylor, a Menlo College Wall Street Journal Award recipient is keeping her eye out for a writing-based job in an integrated communications firm where she can work on a wide range of projects. First, though, she has one more Menlo College deadline: finding a successor to assume the helm of the newspaper. Taylor is looking for an editor-in-chief who is “above the fold,” an old news jargon that describes not only prominent article visibility, but also journalistic excellence.