Menlo College Reaches the Stratosphere

Andrew Vargas ’14 partnered with the California Near Space Project STEM outreach program to fly a high altitude amateur balloon for Menlo College. The project was called M.O.S.S. (“Menlo Oaks Space Shuttle”), and was launched from San Jose at 7:30 AM on April 21, 2014. The highest altitude was 89,000 feet. The balloon landed a few miles north of Modesto. Jim Shane, a cattle rancher, recovered the balloon and contacted Menlo for recovery.

Andrew attached a GoPro camera to the balloon and later made a video about the launch. You can watch the video below.

Project Leader and Flight Video Producer

Andrew Vargas


Allocation Board of Menlo College
Outdoors Club (Seren Mohn and Professor Craig Medlen)

CNSP STEM Outreach

Ron Meadows
Lee Meadows
Frank Meadows
Don Ferguson
Michael Wright

Stratofox Recovery and Tracking

Ian Kluft

Special Mention

Jace Miller
Tracy Newby
Mike Rennie
Jim Shane
John Vargas

CNSP STEM Outreach & Menlo College