Menlo College Professor Michelson Joins Board for Women Political Scientists

Menlo College Professor Michelson Joins Board for Women Political Scientists

Menlo College Professor of Political Science Michelson has joined the board of a new academic organization to bolster the influence of women’s representation in the media.

Women Also Know Stuff is a group of political scientists in academia tasked with increasingly the recognition of women with journalists and the general public. Michelson noted: “Women political scientists have unique expertise in American politics and in international affairs. When their voices are missing from conversations about these and other issues, the world loses out on the expertise and perspective they have to offer.”

An idea to increase the visibility of women in the profession and in the media was sparked when Samara Klar, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Arizona, heard of yet another news article that excluded contributions from women. It was the last straw, following a long string of news articles and symposia featuring zero or near-zero women political scientists. She decided it was time to do something about it, and emailed a group of her colleagues.

As a result, new website was launched– Women Also Know Stuff,, a crowd sourced website of women academics in political science. The group’s goal is to empower women in political science.

Women political scientists interested in joining the site can add themselves. Anyone can use the site to access lists of experts in their research, reporting, and conference/colloquia organizing, and to find women for editorial boards, and for manuscript/program reviews.

The board is currently working to further their impact through a series of focus groups and outreach to women political scientists at upcoming professional conferences.

Michelson added, “My students at Menlo College know that women also know stuff about politics, but implicit bias tends to give a stronger voice and broader visibility to men. The public needs to hear from women experts, too.”

Members of the board include Emily Beaulieu, University of Kentucky; Amber Boydstun, University of California, Davis; Nadia Brown, Purdue University; Kim Yi Dionne, Smith College; Andra Gillespie, Emory University; Samara Klar, University of Arizona; Yanna Krupnikov, Stony Brook University; Melissa R. Michelson, Menlo College; Kathleen Searles, Louisiana State University; and Christina Wolbrecht, University of Notre Dame.

Michelson noted, “This will be an excellent platform for women to share their expertise and to present their opinions. With women representing over 50% of the population in the United States, their viewpoint needs to be recognized.”

Those seeking more information can follow Women Also Know Stuff at @womenalsoknow.