Menlo College partners with ImpactEd to bring the ‘real world’ to classrooms

Atherton, CA – March 19, 2018 – Menlo College has announced a partnership with ImpactEd Learning that will position the College as a center of 21st century education. The partnership will allow select Menlo classrooms to become problem-solving centers, with students taking on challenges for real-world organizations through their courses. The move represents Menlo’s aim to prepare students with the skills needed to solve the complex challenges that face today’s workforce.

ImpactEd projects have been carried out with leading employers, including NASA, Unilever, and eBay; and at universities, including Stanford, University of Illinois, and Vanderbilt. Founded in early 2017 by recent college graduates, the social enterprise is on a mission to modernize traditional learning practices to better prepare students for early career success.

By investing in ‘real-world learning’, Menlo hopes to lead the way in equipping students “to make meaningful contributions in an innovation economy.”

In between homework and exams, students in Menlo classrooms are now busy solving pressing challenges. Students in Professor Nicole Jackson’s Organizational Behavior course are teaming up with a nonprofit called Rooms for Change to reimagine best practices in volunteer management. Across campus in Professor Emma Gordon’s Human Resource Management: Compensation & Benefits course, students are teaming up with Bay area startup Twic to determine how technology can be used to optimize workforce wellness programs.

“ImpactEd enables educators to build for greater transparency into their teaching around service-learning and community-based projects,” said Jackson. “By using its dynamic interface, students also have the possibility to co-monitor their learning, thus aiding in the development of critical skills required by managers today, and specific to the use of action-based inquiry methods needed to build better team/group dynamics.”

“Menlo has many of the qualities that we had in mind when we designed our learning model for today’s colleges,” said Austin Halbert, founder of ImpactEd. “The college’s leadership has demonstrated a real commitment to innovation in teaching and learning, and its faculty are laser-focused on making the student experience as impactful as possible. Now more than ever, we need colleges that reimagine classroom teaching to meet the demands of business and society. By bringing the real world to the classroom, Menlo is taking an important step to meet the needs of today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.”

ImpactEd was recently recognized by Reimagine Education, otherwise known as the “Oscars of Education”, as one of the top three education innovations of 2017 in North America. By partnering with the organization, Menlo College hopes to strengthen its role as a leader in undergraduate business education, located in the heart of Silicon Valley and on the forefront of learning for the 21st century.